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Wise Bluetooth Earmuffs – Class 5

Wise Bluetooth Earmuffs – Class 5

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Wise Bluetooth Earmuffs – Class 5

Bluetooth Earmuff – Wise SA62028

  • AS/NZS:1270:2002 Class 5
  • Connect to almost any smart device
  • Adjustable for all head sizes
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • 8+ hour battery life with 1.5 hour charge time
  • Listen to music and take handsfree phone calls
  • Built in microphone
  • Full control via side keypad

We’ve all been on job sites where there’s some young apprentice that cranks up his portable radio playing some crap music that sounds like a brick tossed into a dryer, or some old fart foreman that who only listen to anything from the 70’s.  Whatever the case, these ‘Wise Class 5 Bluetooth Earmuffs’ give you the control to run the cutter on the music you want to hear! Chuck on your favourite radio station through an app on your phone, or jam your own playlist to create a bit of fizz at work. Ever received a phone call while your hands are grubby and in an absolute state? You‘re rushing to clean them before digging into to your pocket? Not even an issue with these bad boys, if your phone is already connected, simply press the play button on the side and you’ll be able to pick up the phone call and speak through the integrated mic on the earmuffs! Game changing… (Please note that these don’t have am/fm radio capabilities).

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