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Roofers Harness Kit SKP102

Roofers Harness Kit SKP102

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ZERO Plus Roofers Harness Kit ZB+102 SKP102

Zero Plus Roofers Kit, best quality and durability, including the comfortable and padded Z+32, Zero Plus General Purpose Harness.


  • HTP0017 Zero Plus Tradesman Harness
  • RV20RX3/150 Zero Linostop Ropeline with Adjuster 15m
  • PJ501 Zero Screw Gate Oval Karabiner
  • ATD000M ZERO Tether Plate
  • ASP000W/015 Zero Webbing Sling 1.5m
  • APX05 Apex Multi helmet
  • ZKB ventilated Kit Bag with drawstring and carry strap
  • Rated to 136kgs
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