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Esko First Aid Kit, 1-6 Person, 85pc

Esko First Aid Kit, 1-6 Person, 85pc

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Tools: 1 x stainless steel tweezer, 1 x stainless steel scissors, 1 x thermal rescue blanket, 1 x splinter probe, 1 x CPR resuscitation mask, 1x finger splint/tongue depressor, 1 x first aid guide
Clean: 4 x non-alcoholic prep pads, 6 x antiseptic towelettes, 1 x eyewash 15ml vial, 1 x cotton bud pack (10)
Treat: 3 x antibiotic ointment sachets, 1 x sterile eye pad, 1 x sting relief wipe
Protect: 2 x adhesive dressing pads (10cm x 5cm), 30 x adhesive dressing strips (7.5cm x 2cm), 10 x adhesive dressing pads 2.2cm x 2.2cm, 2 x fingertip fabric bandages, 2 x knuckle fabric bandages, 1 x moleskin (blister prevention), 2 x butterfly wound closures, 1 x large trauma pad, 1 gauze roll bandage, 1 x triangular bandage - 2 pins, 6 x sterile gauze pads 5cm x 5cm, 1 x adhesive tape roll, 2 x disposable nitrile gloves (pairs)

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