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Controlco (General Purpose) 20Ltr Starter Spill Kit

Controlco (General Purpose) 20Ltr Starter Spill Kit

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The team often say that general purpose spill kits are the “first aid kit” for spills. That’s because they’re suitable for cleaning up a whole range of the liquids that most often cause slips, falls, nuisance, and contamination around the place. (And because, quite seriously, everyone should have one.)

With one of these kits on hand, you’re ready to deal with all those annoying little leaks, drips, and oops moments! From water to oil, it’ll be almost like it never happened. And the kit is quick and easy to use too.

For all mild liquids, including water based
•Compact and easy to access quickly in emergencies

1 x Carry Bag - Blue
•10 x Sorbent Pads - General Purpose - Heavy Weight
•1 x Sorbent Sock - General Purpose - 1.2m
•1 x Natural Absorbent Fibre – 3kg Bag
•1 x pair Safety Gloves - Red PVC
•1 x Hazardous Waste Bag
•1 x Laminated Instruction Card



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