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Sorbent Pad - Chemical - Heavy Weight 100's

Sorbent Pad - Chemical - Heavy Weight 100's

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Designed to handle the worst of the worst when the worst happens. These tough-as-nails Control Sorbent Pads will go where others fear to tread - soaking up highly concentrated corrosives and some of most dangerous liquids out there.

Colour coded in high-visibility yellow for staff safety and effective management of potentially high-risk liquids, these pads protect everyone in the vicinity of spills from harm and contamination, and our environment.

For all harsh liquids, including acids and corrosives
• Double ply construction
• Perforated for easy use

100 pads
• 100% polypropylene
• Colour: high-visibility yellow
• 300gsm
• Absorbs up to 0.9L per pad
• Dimensions: 500 x 400mm (w,l)

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