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Fenice Cream 200gm (with sponge)

Fenice Cream 200gm (with sponge)

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Fenice, from Italy, is an industry leader in leather care & conditioning products. Made from a cream base, containing a unique blend of oils, waxes & greases means that Fenice has very high waterproofing & leather conditioning properties. Fenice was put through a series of performance trials and were conducted on Andrew, Crispi & Grisport leather boots. The conclusion was that Fenice cream & spray products were:

  • Well designed formulas with excellent waterproofing & conditioning results
  • Designed for quick application and ease of use
  • Water-based with low impact on the environment & a nice scent

Based on these findings the New Zealand Importers of Crispi, Andrew & Grisport Footwear have selected a Fenice product line-up for New Zealand, in various sizes of creams & a spray bottle. The cream is available in 1kg, 200gram and 80gram pots.

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