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LSZ2W5E Double elasticated lanyard with snaphook & scaffold hooks

LSZ2W5E Double elasticated lanyard with snaphook & scaffold hooks

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A favourite with scaffolders, construction and plant maintenance workers, the ScaffPro twin-tailed lanyard is designed for continuous 3-point connection to reduce the risk of a fall and the compact elasticated twin legs provide unhindered movement when not in use. The ZERO® energy absorption system rapidly reduces energy in a fall and the heavy-duty cover protects the lanyard from environmental damage.

  • Elasticated webbing lanyard with snaphook connectors at the harness end.
  • Total length of the lanyard is 2m.
  • Scaffold model is very popular with scaffolders and riggers.
  • The shock absorber will tear to absorb the energy in the event of a fall.
  • Stay safe at all times with a double lanyard (twin tail) for continuous attachment to anchor when climbing ladders, scaffolding, pylons and rigging to provide a fool-proof fall arrest system.
  • The shock absorber end connects to the fall arrest point on the harness.
  • The yellow cover can be opened to inspect the shock absorber and labels. Protect the shock absorber from environmental damage, keep closed when using lanyard.
  • Snaphooks and Scaffhooks rated to 20kN
  • Permitted to work in potentially explosive areas.

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
EN 355:2002

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007

Double elasticated lanyard with snaphook & scaffold hooks code - LSZ2W5E Size- 2m Rated to- 100kg 2m Polyester 100%
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